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Creating a Unity Presence on the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula

Unity of the Rappahannock is a study group that is holding the light for a greater Unity presence for the residents of the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. Supported by and affiliated with Unity of Richmond, Unity of the Rappahannock serves Northumberland, Lancaster, Middlesex, Mathews and Gloucester Counties. This ministry serves the Rappahannock River region.

We have been meeting on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 10:45 a.m. at the Lancaster Community Library, where we watch a live stream of the Sunday service at Unity of Richmond.

On the first, third and fifth Sundays, we invite you to watch the live stream from anywhere or join us at Unity of Richmond.


Sunday, January 7 —
The Courage to Love —
There is conditional love that is based on expectations and attachments. This love is momentary and lasts only as long as your needs are met. Jesus taught us to love unconditionally and to have the courage to release expectations. There is heartbreak with the former and freedom with the latter.

Sunday, January 14 —
The Courage To Dream —
Guest Speaker Rev. Tony Cosby —
Martin Luther King demonstrated the courage to dream outside of the societal boundaries of segregation and race. His dream was no daydream. Instead, it became a vision for change and a symbol for hope. Let’s use our imagination to turn hope into manifesting the best of what we are.

Sunday, January 21 —
The Courage to Be Vulnerable —
To use the power of imagination to turn your dreams into reality brings out our vulnerability. We become risk takers when we understand we must release our fears of failure and success in order to go beyond just being dreamers.

Sunday, January 28 —
The Courage to Transform —
We must surrender, be willing to say, “Lord, here I am, use me.” Then we can be transformed in and recognize the truth of our being. We are beginning to live our dreams and follow Jesus’ belief that we can live life more abundantly.


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